Texans have made fun of out of towners butchering their local town names for years. Here are the ones that people get wrong the most.

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I have lived in Texas for two decades at this point and I STILL get some of these names wrong every time I spot a story pop up in one. According to Texans, these 21 town names are the ones that people get wrong the most. I got to be honest, I think I knew six of the correct ways to pronounce these. See how many you can get right below.

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Can You Pronounce ALL These Texas Towns Correctly?

Texas is home to 970 cities, 228 towns, and 23 villages if you can believe it. Some of them are harder to pronounce than others and even some Texans that have lived here their whole lives may be doing some of these wrong. So let's make sure you don't look like an idiot on your next road trip through our great state.

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Gallery Credit: Stryker

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