Before we even start this story, get your mind out of the gutter. I am not talking about those kind of crabs.

Around the summertime I get homesick for Maryland. So many great things to do up there around this time of the year. Unfortunately I cannot live in Texas during the fall and winter, then live up there during the spring and summer. However, I can get a little taste of home down here.

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UTZ is a chip company that I have started to see popping up in Wichita Falls. I have seen the bucket of cheese balls for years, but the actual chips have slowly started making their way down here. Now the company is actually based in Pennsylvania, but the Crab Chips are a Maryland staple.


It was the number one option for kids that crave that crab seasoning and all Maryland kids do. Every year UTZ does a crab week and they have like a big package with some cool goodies inside. I know people enjoy unboxing videos so I decided to do a little unboxing last night when I got home from work.

You may hear me say in the video I thought I was supposed to get a pillow. They actually make a pillow that is shaped like a bag of crab chips. I already own two of them and they usually come in the crab week box so that is why I was expecting it. If you're interested in what I got, it is called the Summer Survival Pack. Pretty cool box if you want to try something from my home state.

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