Is that headline too long? Probably, but I feel like it was 100% necessary.

Boy oh boy do we have a you know you live in Wichita Falls story today. I get into the studio this morning and find this mugshot above. I'm sure you can imagine the comments coming in for these two. However, the story behind their arrest is even more absurd in my opinion.


The Wichita Falls police were called out to 16th Street yesterday about a robbery with a weapon. The victim was a wheelchair bound woman who claimed she was assaulted with pepper spray and robbed of her goods. She was carrying around some mayonnaise, chips, and a portable fan. I guess to these two above, that was like gold in their eyes and they just had to have it. It was ridiculously hot yesterday, so I would want the fan, you can keep the mayonnaise though in this heat.

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The victim gave the report to the police and they were able to find the two on Holiday Street not too long after. Of course they had her items and pepper spray on them. Please tell me they were literally eating chips and mayonnaise when they were caught! William Henderson and Rochelle Conbrey were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

I really feel for victim in the wheelchair. Who the hell steals from someone in wheelchair?! Only in Wichita Falls could someone stoop so low. Nothing surprises me here anymore, but this mugshot will go down as a classic.

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