Be honest, that just looks like a bag of chips from far away.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority are investigating the source of THC edibles that put at least two people in an Oklahoma City hospital last week. They're sharing the photo above to warn folks that these are NOT normal chips and have THC in them.

They just look like a bag of Ruffles, Doritos, or Fritos. The only difference is the logos in the corners. You see a THC logo in the bottom left and a California pot leaf in the other corner. The bags are also not your normal chip bags, you can see at the top they have a zip close. However, your average person may think this is some new bag. If you don't see those logos, you would have no idea they're chips.

"For a child or even an adult, these could easily be mistaken for retail store chips," Oklahoma Bureau for Narcotics spokesman Mark Woodward said. "The only differences are very small THC and California Medical Marijuana logos on the bottom corners." These chips were not legally sold in Oklahoma. Oklahoma state law requires that THC edible products sold in Oklahoma dispensaries be manufactured in Oklahoma and tested to meet state standards.

OBN and OMMA are currently working to determine how the chip products made it to Oklahoma. "We have thousands of marijuana businesses in our state that work very hard to follow the state laws and industry standards to make sure they are providing a safe product," Anderson said. "My agency, along with our partners at OMMA are committed to aggressively going after bad actors who bring in out-of-state marijuana products, jeopardize public safety, and think Oklahoma's laws don't apply to them."

If you know of a dispensary selling illegal out of state products, you're encourage to call 1-800-522-8031 with your tips.

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