I had a little taste of home this weekend and I couldn't believe someone got this for me.

First off, I wanted to give a shout out to one amazing listener. Their name is Melissa Hansard. She messaged our Facebook page over the weekend and said she requested a flavor for me. You may have seen my post back in May where I was talking about missing egg custard snowballs. Looks like Melissa's snowball stand in Henrietta was taking suggestions for flavors.

She requested egg custard for me and she let me know about it this weekend. Literally an hour after she messaged me I was on my way to Henrietta to get one. The Shiver Shack is just off the main road you take into Henrietta. The new flavors they have are Amaretto, Cantaloupe, Creamy Custard, Horchata, Kiwi, Praline, Red Cream Soda, Rum, and Silver Fox.


I of course got my custard in the biggest size they had and the verdict...tastes just like I remember it. Seriously, you have no idea how much nostalgia this brought me over the weekend. I only get homesick during the summer and this is one of those things I desperately miss. It only needs melted marshmallow topping on top for it to be perfect. Besides that, I will totally keep getting these if they stay on the menu.

So go support the Shiver Shack if you want a taste of a Baltimore tradition. Believe me, when I was a kid an egg custard snowball sounded disgusting. Don't knock it, til you try it is all I am going to say.

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