I understand these schools have a dilemma. Can't let these balances add up, but don't want the kids to go hungry. I think they could have let this one slide.

At my school, it was cash or you didn't eat. I am assuming because of a-hole bullies, they don't want your kids carrying cash anymore. So you put money on kid's account and that gets taken out for your kid's lunch. I have seen several friends of mine forget to put money on their kid's account and they get the comp meal.

Which at some schools is a cheese sandwich and milk. I get you can't have these balances add up, but you need to let a small balance slide for a day or two. That way the child or the school can notify the parents to add money to the account.

Over at James Bowie Middle School in Richmond, Texas, you don't get lunch. Even for the smallest negative balance. At least that is what happened to one middle school student last month. He was not allowed to purchase lunch because he owed 50 cents to the school from a previous meal.

50 cents and you turn a kid away? According to the principal, this was not supposed to happen, but it did. She reached out to the family to apologize and she told the student to come to her if it ever happens again. However, this kid was not able to get lunch that day and that is messed up.

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