I have to imagine the kids are screaming yes, the parents are shouting no.

As a kid that grew up in a 90's cafeteria, I could see how we were shifting to a more healthy lunch for kids. I remember when the fries were fried and delicious. I also remember a couple years later, they started baking the fries. Those were bland and gross. I don't remember anything else from childhood cafeteria being in the fryer, at least at my school that's how it was. I mean tater tots, but that's still in fries family in my opinion. Maybe the occasional chicken tender was thrown in there.

From what I have been reading, the current Texas school lunch cannot exceed 870 calories. I am not a calorie counter type person. So I don't know if that's a lot or a little. According to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, that's not enough.

"You got a boy that goes to Anson High School — he plays in football, he plays both (offense and defense) — he can't make it on 870 calories. That boy burns 3,500 calories a day," Miller said. "He gets home, he hauls hay and milks cow and moves irrigation pipe. Then there's another child that's not active athletically. They may be into academics or band or some other extracurricular. Eight-hundred-seventy calories may be fine for that kid."

As you can expect, some backlash has come out since this announcement. Miller is stating that schools now have the right to put in deep fryers if they want to. Not every school in Texas is being forced to install deep fryers with this new bill. Many are stating since the meals can't go over 870 calories, fryers should not be installed in the school.

Who knows how many schools will actually install the fryers. I don't know about you, but I could go for some french fries right about now.

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