Strip clubs cannot be open during Governor Abbott's Phase 1 reopening plan, but restaurants can be open.

Club Onyx over in Houston is dealing with some problems currently trying to open it's doors. Back on May 2nd, Club Onyx tried to open up during Governor Abbott's Phase 1 plan. They were shut down a few hours later.

Mayor Sylvester Turner issued a statement at the time saying, "I am asking the state to quickly clarify whether the governor intended for sexually oriented businesses like Onyx to be apart of of the businesses authorized to open on May 1. And if not, I am also asking the state via the Texas Attorney General to enforce the state's order because the city cannot afford to expend its limited resources, i.e. fire and police, to defend the state's order that a federal judge is now questioning."

Club president Eric Langan again tried to reopen with the girls fully clothed, but still offering 'entertainment'. That wasn't going to fly either. Eric Langan says he was following the Governor's guidelines. He says Club Onyx was operating at 25% capacity when they re-opened. So he was shut down again.

Now Eric is trying to open up as a restaurant during this slow reopening of the state. The girls have masks on, no lap dances, fully clothed. Apparently, he was still getting flack from the local police department, so Eric got approval from the judge that he is doing nothing wrong. So Club Onyx is open for business...well for food. We will see when the adult entertainment portion of the business comes back.

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