Always trying to find creative people in Wichita Falls working on stuff and I happened to stumble upon a stripper who does weekly vlogs in town. Let's see what's going down at Maximus.

Can I just say thank you to Spydaer here for actually having a creative Wichita Falls YouTube page. I try to find videos from our city all the time and usually end up getting crap like this one lady makes. Spydaer gives us something that I am sure folks have a lot of questions about. What is it like to be a stripper, mainly in a small town like Wichita Falls?

Spydaer posts videos every few weeks of how her nights go. I reached out to Spydaer after she posted her most recent video and asked her which one was her favorite. She sent me the one posted above. She talks about how the night goes and it's slow at first. Which makes sense, I wouldn't expect the strip club to be making it rain early in the night.

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The more the night progresses, you can see her pile start to add up. Plus she talks about the weird requests she gets from people throughout the night. That's the kind of stuff I want to hear about. I want to see what you Wichita Falls people are asking these girls to do. The dude that took his shoes off in the strip club. WHO RAISES YOU SIR?!

So it looks like Spydaer made $490 that night and according to her it was a pretty eventful night in Wichita Falls. If you want more videos from Spydaer, follow her on YouTube. She has several more videos on nights in Wichita Falls.


You maybe asking of all the pictures to choose for this story, why did I pick the hot dog one? I literally asked her what photo I should use and she sent me that one. So if you like hot dogs, Spydaer is your girl.

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