Nothing like getting directions to the emergency room and showing up at a strip club.

Over in San Antonio, some residents are upset with a new strip club. It's Texas, you will always have that group of people that will be upset with a strip club. This time it is the name of the establishment. It will be called The Emergency Room Gentleman's Lounge. You can see why maybe some people are upset with this one.

Some people are worried that this place could be confused for an actual emergency room. Think about it though, you have an actual emergency in San Antonio. You Google emergency room, you don't pay too much attention to the name since you're in a panic. Then you end up at a strip club. I understand that will probably not happen, but some Texans are concerned.

This place is not even open yet and already has some controversy with it. Residents found out the name when the sign went up. People called the city to complain about the name and it turns out they didn't file a permit to put up a sign. So that's $300 down the drain before the doors are open. When it comes to the sign, the city or state does not have a regulation to sign content.

We will see if the backlash causes them to change their name, but I wouldn't. They're getting a lot of press right now about this. I don't visit San Antonio often, but I may make a trip to the emergency room when I am there.

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