Be careful to not get that spicy ketchup on that prom dress.

Texas has a lot of pride in certain things, Dr. Pepper, Shinerbock, the Dallas Cowboys. The one that everyone loves in our state is Whataburger. I think the fact they're open 24/7 means they're always there for you. We love you, Whataburger, even though some crappy poll once said Texans prefer In-N-Out.

Two Magnolia high school seniors wanted to show their Whataburger love by taking their prom photos at their local restaurant. Sara Spada Photography took some amazing photos of Madison Hefner and Rance Henry. The two said the reason they chose Whataburger is because they go there practically every day after school and after baseball games.

We have some epic Whataburger collections on our website. We can add Sara's amazing photos to the group as well. If you know someone in the Magnolia area that needs a photographer, hit her up. Sounds like she would be cool with a Whataburger run after the photo shoot.

Check Out the Awesome Whataburger Prom Photo Shoot Below: 

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