Hello, I'm from Texas. What country are y'all from?

There are so many great things about Texas it's impossible to put them all down here, unless we had years of time. But there are some things about the Lone Star State that just ... well, SCREAM Texas.

These are the things that set us apart from the outside world. The things that make Texas impossible to leave. The things that make us damn proud to live in the greatest state (and former country) in the world.

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    Whether it's a #1 with cheese or a Breakfast on a Bun at 3 a.m. after a fun night out, Whataburger just works. And the fact that you can buy the ketchup in HEB stores is just ... heaven.

    And make that ketchup spicy. 

  • 2

    Blue Bell

    You don't even have to add "ice cream" when you say Blue Bell.

    And nothin' fancy. Plain vanilla is just fine.

  • 3

    High School Football

    We build $60 million high school football stadiums. Our state championships are played in a billion-dollar stadium. We've produced names like Earl Campbell, Adrian Peterson, Don Meredith, Eric Dickerson and Mean Joe Green.

    You're welcome, NFL. You're welcome.

  • 4

    Lone Star Beer

    Nothing screams Texas like the National Beer of Texas.

    Oh, look. There's Blue Bell again.

  • 5


    Other states can only hope to do barbecue like Texas.

    Exhibit A:

  • 6

    Texas Music

  • 7


    No words necessary.

  • 8

    The Dallas Cowboys

    You don't get labeled "America's Team" for no reason.

    And I just used a double-negative there. Why? Because I'm from Texas.

  • 9

    The Open Road

    Because Texas.

  • 10

    Dr Pepper

    Accept no substitutes.

    And don't put a period after "Dr" either.


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