A scary scene for a family enjoying a day with the animals when their two-year-old was yanked through the roof by a giraffe.

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Just yesterday a popular Texas drive thru safari announced they were closing for good. One that is still open in Valley Mills, Texas is the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Along the self guided tour, you're given a cup of food to feed at your convenience to the animals along the tour. According to the Fossil Rim Wildlife website, "no animals should be fed by hand, except the giraffes."

Screenshot from Fossil Ridge Website
Screenshot from Fossil Ridge Website

The reason for this is when giraffes eat, they typically use their tongues to pull food into their mouths instead of just biting it like most animals do. Hence, why this place is a great photo opportunity for the giraffes sticking their heads into your vehicles. If you look at this place on Instagram, thousands of people have similar photos of giraffes doing this like those shown below.

Giraffe Interaction at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

However over the weekend, one families visit did not go according to plan. Jason Toten took his family on the drive thru safari including his two-year-old daughter Paisley. The family got to the giraffe portion with the food and while a giraffe was in their roof munching on the food, it also grabbed their daughter's shirt pulling her out of the vehicle. Another guest happened to be filming their day at the park and caught the whole incident on camera.

Watch a Giraffe Pull Toddler Out of the Vehicle

Thankfully, the family noticed what was happening and quickly shouted at the giraffe. The animal dropped the child who was thankfully caught by her mom with no injuries. You can read more on this incident here. Still, this is not the first time one of these giraffes has acted out of character recently.

Giraffe Smashes Guest's Windshield

Just seven months ago another giraffe (I guess it technically could be the same one) actually trampled a guest's vehicle completely smashing their windshield. Once again, the giraffe was coming through someone's sunroof. This time, the animal lost their footing and tripped into the vehicle causing the damage. If you plan on visiting the park, remember these are animals so be sure you follow all of their rules. From what I see, both of these guests did not do anything wrong.

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