There’s nothing quite like Mexican fast food to spark a debate between people in this neck of the woods.

And one of the great things about living in Wichita Falls is that we have two of the best drive-thru taco places right here in town.

There's Farmers Branch-based Taco Bueno, which was recently named the number one Mexican fast food restaurant America, and then you've got Taco Casa, another chain based in the Metroplex, with its corporate headquarters being located in Fort Worth.

For me, it’s a tough in one in that I’m a fan of both, but I gotta give the edge to Taco Casa. There’s just something about their mild red sauce and my favorite item on the menu, the Chilada, is doused with it. But then again, I could never get tired of the MexiDips & Chips and Muchaco combo from Bueno.

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