I have been defeated twice now. Will my losing streak continue? 

I started off strong with the food challenges. Setting records in my first two attempts. Then I get destroyed by the Psycho Burger and ran out of time at the Nighthawks Burrito Challenge. The latest challenge was no easy feat. A massive burger that has a Wichita Falls nickname.

The World's Littlest Skyscraper Burger. Named after the building downtown and this thing felt like the size of it. Four patties, eight strips of bacon, all the toppings on the burger, six onion rings, two cheese sticks and a side of fries. The record was right around twenty minutes I was told, so that was my goal.

You have plenty of time to eat this thing, forty-five minutes. In these massive food challenges, time is not an ally. You need to just keep eating and that is what I did. I set the new record at 16:24. Try to beat me. I slowed down on the onion rings, but that's cause I hate onion rings.

Parkway is going to be doing something pretty cool this next week. If you conquer the World's Littlest Skyscraper Burger, you get a ten dollar gift card to Parkway. This will start Monday (July 31) and go through to the following Monday. Good luck if you try to beat my time.

The burger costs around twenty bucks. It's about three meals worth of food, but worth the price.

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