I have set new records in the first two Stryker v. Food callenges, but the Psycho Burger is up next, and it is no joke. 

Let me say this, Willie has lost his damn mind with this challenge. This is without a doubt the hottest thing I have ever eaten in my life. It destroyed me inside and out. That ghost pepper nacho cheese is what I imagine runs through the rivers of hell. It was a good burger, just ridiculously spicy.

I was so confident going into this challenge. Once that spiciness gets into your system, it does not let up. I was still hungry, but my stomach and brain would not let me continue to eat.  We trimmed down the video from about 22 minutes, that is when I gave up. I had a quarter of one patty, a full bun and a ton of fries left. If I tried to eat that in three minutes, I would have thrown up all over that restaurant.

Speaking of throwing up. Once I stood up from that table, I legitimately felt drunk. My head was spinning and I felt so sick. I went to my car and did not want to drive. After a ten minute walk around the parking lot, I attempted to drive home. I went up Beverly Drive to get to Kemp. If you know that stretch of road, it is a steep hill. That little journey messed up my stomach. Whoever's driveway I puked in, I am so sorry. It had to happen.

We have some more food challenges on the way. I hope I win the next one. After we finish all the other food challenges, I will return to Willie's with a new strategy and attempt to take down the Psycho Burger Challenge.

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