Contrary to usual theories that pop up after a mass shooting, one researcher says that video games are not to blame for violence.

This past week, President Trump met with representatives from the video game industry to discuss violence in video games, which Trump recently stated might play a role in mass shootings. The blaming of violent video games is a common retort for the NRA and NRA supported politicians following a mass shooting, but psychologist Patrick Markey says the facts don't support such an idea,

It seems like something that should make us safer so it's a totally understandable reaction. The problem is just the science, the data, does not back up that they actually have an effect.

According to CBS News, Markey is specifically citing his own studies which have found that 80% of mass shooters have shown no interest in video games and that crime rates actually drop in correlation with the release of a new violent video game.

The Entertainment Software Association shares Markey's opinion, assuring the president that numerous scientific studies have shown no connection between playing violent video games and committing violent acts.

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