Controversial Republican lawmaker Molly White has made headlines again after her staff snubbed a meeting request by a gay-rights activist.

Frank Carlson, a member of Texas' largest gay-rights organization Equality Texas, stopped by White's office to arrange a meeting with the representative, but was reportedly told by her staff that a meeting between Carlson and White would be a waste of time and that he should, "drop off your literature and leave."

White has yet to comment on the situation, but is a known opponent of gay rights, proposing measures that would prohibit the recognition of same-sex marriages.  White and other lawmakers came under fire several months ago for participating in a symbolic wedding cake cutting on the 10th anniversary of Texas' ban on same-sex marriage.  White was also slammed for instructions she left with her aforementioned staff on Texas Muslim Capital Day, demanding all Muslim visitors publicly renounce Islamic terrorists and and announce their allegiance to America.

via ABC13

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