A demo version of Rammstein's popular 2009 track "Pussy" has surfaced and it is nothing like the song you're used to hearing and have probably sung along to countless times. And that's not just because this demo features lyrics entirely in English.

The song, when first released in 2009, was the first new piece of music to be issued by the German industrial legends in three years and became the band's first No. 1 single in their home country. A sexually explicit music video accompanied the Liebe Ist Für Alle Da track, which put Rammstein back in the crosshairs of controversy once more.

On the original version, Rammstein teeter between a subdued, tension-driving verse and pounding, synth-accented, anthemic chorus with some of Till Lindemann's most memorable and juvenile lyrics. Overall, the singer's words are split between German and English, affording non-German speakers a rare opportunity to sing along without having to memorize parts of a different language.

This decade-old ode to genitalia sounded vastly different in its original incarnation, first dubbed "Panterra Pussy," which can be heard directly below. The demo lacks the bombastic industrial romp Rammstein have perfected over their 25-year, but perhaps that's down to the production quality rather than songwriting intent.

What's peculiar here is that the instrumentation later materialized as "Gib Mir Deine Augen," which was part of the "Meine Herz Brent" single that came out in 2012 as part of the Made in Germany compilation. On the demo, Lindemann adopts a softer, more hushed vocal style over his usual imposing bellow and it shows how drastic of a transformation the song underwent in the writing process.

Listen to the demo version of Rammstein's "Pussy" below.

Liebe Ist Für Alle Da was Rammstein's last record before they made their comeback with their self-titled release last year. With the band already back in the studio, fans are hoping they won't have to endure another 10-year wait for new music.

Rammstein, "Pussy" (Demo Version)

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