Finally a place in Wichita Falls where I can get some chicken and waffles. Seriously, why did no one in town have this?

One of my favorite meals back home is chicken and waffles. Now it is usually made with bone in chicken, like a drumstick and a breast. Its amazing how the syrup from the waffles goes with chicken breading and the actual chicken meat as well. It's a great breakfast or dinner meal to be honest with you.

Well Parkway Grill has put their own twist on Chicken and Waffles. Last night I was going to order my favorite new item, the doughnut burger. Sadly, it's no longer on the menu. Before my heart could break, the bartender recommended the new chicken and waffles special and I had to try it.

Holy crap I am glad she did, it was amazing. Three waffles with three of those delicious Parkway Grill chicken strips. That's not all, they sprinkle in some cut up bacon pieces all covered in powdered sugar. It is served with a side of syrup, but if you're like me you need to just pour it all over everything.

Now the dilemma, is it better than the doughnut burger? Come on now, that's like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. Let's just say they're tied for first.