Want to be on TV? Go grab some lunch next week at Parkway.

I always love to see our local Wichita Falls restaurants getting some more attention. We have some really great local options here in Wichita Falls and one of my favorites is Parkway Grill. Looks like Parkway will be shown some love from a show called 'Good Taste with Tanji'.

I've personally never heard of the show, but from my research, she travels all over the state of Texas showing off some of the great restaurants our state has to offer. Looks like Wichita Falls is up next Wednesday (May 26th) for filming at Parkway Grill.

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Some of my favorites are the large fish tacos, chicken fried steak, or any of those delicious burgers. Also, fried cheese is a must with any Parkway Grill order. I would love to see them show off the World's Littlest Skyscraper burger. A little hidden menu item at Parkway that will definitely leave you feeling stuffed.

Parkway Grill said on their Facebook page they will be filming in the late afternoon next Wednesday. So go grab some food and who knows. You could be on the show in the near future. If you want to check out some episodes of Good Taste with Tanji, you can check them out on her website. Also writing this article before lunch was a bad idea because now I am starving.

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