Parkway Grill has done it again, but this time they added something I have never even tried before in my life. Deep-fried bacon (Insert Homer Simpson drool sound).

I spend a lot of my free time at Parkway and whenever they add a new item I always have to try it. Some favorites have been the doughnut burger and chicken and waffles. Which I hope they're bringing back one day. The latest burger is called the cracklin' and fried jalapeno burger and it's amazing. The theme of this burger, I am going to say, is 'fried.'

The cracklin and fried jalapeno burger features deep fried-bacon, fried jalapenos and a chipotle mayo. Now I have had deep-fried bacon before, but never with the batter on it. When I had deep-fried bacon it was just thrown into a fryer. My goodness does having the breading on the bacon make a difference.

I would recommend having this burger with an order of curly fries, but then again I recommend eating all the burgers at Parkway with curly fries. Wash it down with a nice tall spicy red draw and you will have a great meal. As always, if that sweet tooth is acting up, get an Oreo sundae. Speaking of a sweet tooth, I heard Parkway Grill will be getting homemade cookies in soon. I will have a review as soon as they start baking.

In case you were wondering about the huge cup of salsa, that was leftover from my senator dip before I ordered the burger. The burger doesn't come with that, I just wanted to dip my fries in the leftover salsa.