We've all seen photos of the new slide Castaway Cove is bringing to the Falls, but how intense is this bad boy? I was the lucky guinea pig who was strapped with a GoPro and sent down it before it opens to find out.

I've been to Castaway Cove a few times, but had never actually ridden any of the slides, so I got to pop my cherry on the brand-new Pirate's Plunge.

If you watch the Travel Channel, you've likely seen the show that talks about cool water parks around the country, and the cool new slides where you get in a chamber and the floor drops out underneath you. While I've never been on the slides at Castaway Cove, I've been on a fair share of water slides in my life, but never any like this.

The Pirates Plunge can only be described as intense, because waiting for that floor to drop is a little nerve-racking. After you drop, you shoot down the slide at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. The speed helps you make it around the loop, and for a second, it felt like I was floating. Definitely one of the top five slides I've ridden.

The Park opens this Saturday, May 9, and, if you're brave enough, trying the Pirate's Plunge should be on the top of your to-do list list summer. In the meantime, live vicariously through the GoPro my coworkers strapped to me by checking out the video above.

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