Got a sweet tooth? Let's be honest, don't we all? Well you're going to definitely want to check this out.

After lunch at Pho Viet Wichita Falls, my dad and I had to make a stop at my favorite restaurant for dinner, Parkway Grill. I was excited to drink some red draws and watch the Orioles game. Thanks to territorial restrictions because of Fox, I couldn't watch the game. Damn you Major League Baseball. So needless to say, I was in a pissed off mood now because I am missing my favorite team.

Then, as a gift from the heavens to put me in a better mood my server tells me that they finally got those chocolate chip cookies in. Over a month ago, Parkway put this picture on their Facebook page of a giant cookie with the caption, thinking about baking these. What do you think?

Start baking immediately is what I was thinking. Well for weeks now, every time I have gone into Parkway I have asked about the cookies with no luck, but now they're here. I was told you can get the cookies in two ways. With the classic cookies and milk or with ice cream. Being the former fat kid I am, I went with ice cream. My server formed it into a cool ice cream sandwich that I ate with a spoon.

Warm cookies and ice cream go perfectly together. The best combo I had like this, is actually in my drive in movie theatre back in Maryland, Bengies. They made their own cookies as well and then added ice cream to them. It was an amazing a part of my childhood and it always makes me think of home. Parkway Grill has brought that little taste of home to me and you should go try it, before I eat them all.