This makes for a fun night out on the town...I guess?

In Not Shocking News, This Story Comes from Austin

Yeah, we know. Austin likes to keep things weird. It's the city's motto and they truly mean it. On Sundays in Austin, you can take part in a magical game called Chicken S*** Bingo. Yup, it's exactly what you think it is.

The game is not played like actual bingo where you have to get a certain amount of numbers. You have to just get one number. The way that number is chosen? Well a chicken takes a nice dump on a board full of numbers. If you have the ticket with that number. You win some cold hard cash.

Check Out the Game in Action Below

For almost 30 years the game has been taking place every Sunday at the Little Longhorn Saloon. Chicken S*** Bingo runs from 4PM to 8PM on Sundays.

I have heard of bars doing turtle races or other weird races like that. I think this maybe the first time I have ever seen this type of event at a bar. The Little Longhorn Salloon is located at 5434 Burnet Road in Austin. Also according to the website, they can bring the Chicken S*** Bingo to you.

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That's right planning a wedding and what to have an interesting time at the reception? Why not a game of Chicken S*** Bingo, the in-laws will love it. I guess I have another thing I need to add on my next visit to Austin.

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