This chicken wasn't going to end up in a bucket on their watch. Got to make a break for it.


Laredo police had their hands full yesterday on a call. Apparently a chicken was loose in the intersection near International Boulevard. I myself have never attempted to catch a chicken, but it doesn't look easy. This officer had his hands full yesterday.

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A bystander Sarahi Rodriquez caught the whole thing on video while she was waiting at a red light. Sadly we don't know if the chicken got away or was apprehended. I hope he got away. It's rough out here for chickens right now. Chicken sandwiches are always a hot seller and this little guy was probably gonna be one eventually.


I actually looked up where this intersection is in Laredo and apparently a restaurant called Bush's Chicken is right there. Someone needs to tell Bush he has some product running down the street evading the police.

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