After 87 Years, Oscar Mayer Is Shutting Down The Wienermobile Name

I feel like a little piece of my childhood is officially dead. Oscar Mayer just announced today that the Wienermobile is no more. This means, when it visited Wichita Falls. Our city was one of the last folks to see it just a couple of weeks ago. Truly a sad day in American history.

Photo from Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in Wichita Falls Just a Few Weeks Ago


One of my friends snapped this photo of the Wienermobile when it was at the local Walmart in town. As you can see, clearly still proud of the name Wienermobile. Oscar Mayer announced they're moving on to a new name.

Introducing the Frankmobile

Hahaha, very fun Oscar Mayer, late April Fool's Joke. Sadly...this is real. Yup, the Wiener named has been removed from all the vehicles and now the website reads, Find That Frank. I have to imagine some Karen complained about the name saying, "I can't believe you have my kid saying wiener, that's not appropriate."

What Do We Call These Now?!

I would bet my life savings they change the name of these things to Frank Flutes. Just remember Wichita Falls, you were one of the last folks in American history to see the true Wienermobile in all of it's glory. Whoever in the marketing department for Oscar Mayer came up with this idea, you should be fired.

What Do We Do With Iconic Jingle?!

I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Frank?! This sucks. Pour one out for Oscar Mayer. I guess pour out some hot dog water to make it right. Excuse me, frank water. This sucks!

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