The Bill now moves onto the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Oklahoma Senator Darrell Weaver wrote Senate Bill 806, which creates the Oklahoma Citizens’ Protection Act. Basically Senator Weaver is not taking away your right to protest. However, if your protest turns violent, you will be facing consequences if this passes. For instance it would increase the penalties for those who refuse to disperse or block roadways/traffic from moving.

If you're found damaging property in Oklahoma during your protest, you will perform community service and payback the damages you did. “My bill would make community service and restitution mandatory, instead of optional,” Weaver said.  “I believe this legislation is a common sense approach aimed at holding those who commit crimes during riots more accountable.”

Over the summer, like in many cities throughout the country, protests took place in Oklahoma over police brutality. The biggest ones in Oklahoma were in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Most of the damage done during the summer took place at the Oklahoma Capitol where protestors vandalized several areas with graffiti.

As with any new Bill, we will have to see if it advances any further.

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