New fear unlocked, accidentally stepping on a snake in my own bedroom in the middle of the night.

What Do You Do If a Rattlesnake Bites You?

That's exactly what 17-year-old Jonathan Church was asking himself early Wednesday morning. Like many people in the middle of the night, Jonathan got up to get some water. Unfortunately at some point in the night, a rattlesnake got into Jonathan's bedroom. When Jonathan went to open his door, the snake bit him on the ankle.

What Kind of Rattlesnake Was It?

Jonathan was bit by a Pygmy Rattlesnake, which according to Wikipedia does not produce much venom and will most likely not give you a fatal bite. However Jonathan's mother Diana took him straight to the hospital because that is what everyone should do when you get bit by any kind of rattlesnake.

Good News Jonathan Will Be OK

According to doctors, it looks like only one fang was able to get into Jonathan's foot. They were able to treat the bite and prevent things from getting worse. Diana Church told KFOR “They said that he might need crutches depending on how it feels tomorrow, but they’re going to let him go home tomorrow if there’s no change in his labs.”

The Churchs live on a 40 acre farm in Oklahoma and they say they deal with snakes all the time. However, this is the first time that one of them got inside of the house. “I’m still terrified of snakes, of course,” Johnathan said. “And, well, I don’t want to ever get near one again.”

I'm right there with you Jonathan, snakes stay the hell out of our houses!

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