If I saw a rattlesnake on the couch in my living room, I’d probably burn the entire house down.  A Decatur man received quite a shock when a venomous rattlesnake decided to move into his home.

Last Thursday, Jason Gamble was sitting on his couch on his patio watching the Dallas Mavericks play the Utah Jazz.  Around 8:30 PM, his daughter arrived with a pizza for them to share.  Gamble then got up from the couch and went inside to grab a couple of slices of pizza.

When he walked back to his couch outside, he found that his seat had been taken by a poisonous rattlesnake. As he approached the couch, the snake started rattling, warning Gamble that the couch now belonged to him.  He told WFAA in Dallas that he and his family have lived in Decatur for the past three years, and have never seen anything like this before.

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Gamble spent less than 10 minutes inside the house, and away from the couch.  In that 10-minute window, the rattlesnake had made the couch it's new home.  While Gamble, wasn’t too bothered by the situation, his daughter was frightened.  In the video, you can hear his daughter yelling, “Oh my God, dad! Stop!”, and urging her father to stay away from it.

The rattlesnake didn’t get a chance to settle into his new home on the couch.  As soon as Gamble finished recording the video, he shot the snake and killed him.  He later disposed of the dead rattlesnake’s body.

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