Want a unique summer road trip this year? Take a trip and dig for crystals that only exist in Oklahoma.

Ever Heard of an Hourglass-shaped Selenite Crystal?

Hard to believe in prehistoric times that Oklahoma once had an ocean. The remnants of it can still be found in Jet, Oklahoma at a salt lake in the town. The area is now a state park called Salt Plains State Park. What's crazy about this part of Oklahoma. A crystal forms underground, that for some reason will not form in any other part of the world.

How Much Does it Cost?

If you live in Oklahoma, you can visit the park for just $8, out of state visitors have to pay a little extra at $10. The state park warns folks that if you plan on digging. Be prepared to get muddy, so dress accordingly.

When Can You Dig for Crystals?

Good news is that the majority of the year you can take part in this activity. From April 1 to October 15 from sunrise to sunset the crystal digging site is open to the public. If you're a bird watcher, this area is home to 300 unique species of birds. The park also has a ton of other activities according to Travel OK.

Jet, Oklahoma is at the very north part of Oklahoma dead center in the state before you hit Kansas. It's just under a four hour drive from Southern Oklahoma. I know folks are always looking for cool things to do on a road trip. This is literally something you can discover at no other place in the world and it's in Oklahoma.

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