Shout out to Daniel Miller out of Wilson, Oklahoma on walking away with the top prize on national television.

The Food Network loves their "war" shows. I'm talking about 'Cake Wars' or 'Cupcake Wars'. They also have a Halloween themed show that has been airing every October since 2011. Every team has three people on it. A pumpkin carver, a cake creator, and a sugar artist. The team has a certain amount of time to make a Halloween display and all three have to show their talents in the display.

Daniel was the pumpkin carver on his team called Mummies Rejects. They were first tasked with making a giant bug display. So they made a wasp stinging a skull. Sadly they lost the first round, but the next round is for all the marbles. I would say they next round is a 'surprise' theme. I say that because your display must move. It has to have something that could potentially scare someone. Also, the cake portion has to have a surprise ingredient that the judges may not see coming.

Daniel's team did this weird clown display. It has moving parts and they even tricked the judges with a fake party favor. Their dessert was chocolate with bananas foster inside. Not that surprising since the other team put crickets into their dessert. At the end of the episode, Daniel's team won the $50,000 grand prize.

Congratulations and that clown is the stuff of nightmares. You can check out the full episode that aired this week above.

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