Now stepping up to plate, one pissed off mom.

Up in Del City, Oklahoma one pervert definitely got what was coming to him. Corey McMichael allegedly went up to an apartment complex where a young girl was. According to the mom in the residence, the man opened his trench coat and exposed himself to her daughter. She wasn't having any of it.


She went and got her baseball bat. The mom then began swinging like it was the home run derby. She then called 911. "He had his clothes off. He had a trench coat on and he’s on the side of my building. He was trying to come through my daughter's window, too," she said to the 911 operator. When police arrived, they found Corey McMichael laying down outside of the apartment saying he needed an ambulance.

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Del City Police Captain Bradley Rule said McMichael suffered from some bumps/bruises and had a broken wrist. “It's a pretty good example of momma bear. She saw someone looking in her daughter's window and jumped into action,” said Rule. He also said, “She was well within her rights to protect her daughter.”


Nice to see one of the guys got what was coming to him. Was hoping for some more damage in the mugshot photo, but if he was still laying down when police arrived. She probably did enough to incapacitate him until police got there. I got my nomination in for Oklahoma Mother of Year for 2021, this lady.

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