Not often you can say that a ten-year-old is a hero, but this kid truly is a hero.

Talk about right place at the right time for ten-year-old Gavin out of Kingston, Oklahoma. Back on August 6th, his mother was swimming in the family pool. Gavin's mother unfortunately was having a seizure while swimming that day. Gavin sprang into action immediately diving head first into the pool to pull his mom out of the water. The moment was caught on the family's backyard surveillance camera.

Gavin was able to pull his mother to the ladder while she was in middle of seizure and prevented her from going under the water. "Truly amazing thing to see, and I don't normally get to see him in action and what he gets to do after I'm having a seizure," Gavin's mom Lori said. "This is the first time I actually got to see it just because of security cameras. So much pride in him. At the same time, it was heartbreaking to watch."

This week, the Kingston Police Department presented Gavin with a Saving a Life plaque. Gavin is in the fifth grade and it looks like he is on right path in life. Who knows, maybe a moment like this inspires him to go into a lifesaving field in the future. Crazy to watch that video and see no hesitation from Gavin, he knew what he had to do and didn't waste a second jumping into that pool to save his mom.

Good job Gavin, you rule!

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