It’s never a good feeling when you lose something important. It’s even worse if the item you loose is expensive, and it can be devastating if it has sentimental value. Last week a North Texas woman lost two rings, one of which has significant sentimental value to her, since it was made from her deceased son’s ashes. Now she’s asking the local community to help her locate them.

Last Friday afternoon, a woman was in the parking lot of the Trader Joe’s in Southlake. After she parked her car, she took off all of her rings, and put them in her shirt pocket, in order to apply lotion to her hands. She then got out of her car, and met her sister at the front entrance of the store. The two women walked through the isles of the store for some time, before she even realized that her jewelry was missing. It wasn’t until they reached the produce section, that she realized that all of her beloved rings were gone.

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As soon as she noticed that her rings were missing, she then ran back outside to her car to locate her missing jewelry. She ended up finding at least one ring on the pavement, but was unable to recover the other two. After frantically searching the parking lot for the missing rings, she then ran back inside to ask store management if anyone turned in her missing rings. Two of the store’s employees came out to help her search for the lost jewelry.

After an unsuccessful search, the woman then contacted Southlake police. Although the police department, does not usually act as a public “lost and found service”, they were happy to assist. Since she located one of her rings on the pavement, it is believed that the other two are also in the parking lot. It is believed the jewelry fell out of her shirt pocket when she exited the vehicle. In fact, one person witnessed an older gentlemen bend down, and pick something up near her vehicle. It is possible that the older man picked up this woman’s missing rings.

Losing these rings have been devastating for this woman. One ring a beautiful 1.5 carat marquis solitaire ring with a yellow gold band, purchased from Jared Galleria of Jewelers. The other was a custom a custom 7/8th marquis diamond ring, which made with her son’s ashes.

Southlake police are asking anyone who locates the ring to contact them immediately with no questions asked, so that they can reunite the sentimental rings with their rightful owner.

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