You have probably heard of a perfect game in baseball, but nothing compares to this.

So you probably know what a perfect game in baseball is, in case you don't I'll fill you in. No opposing batter reaches base in a game. You've probably heard of a no hitter, where a pitcher doesn't give up a hit. A hitter can steal reach base on an error and that is how you can have a no hitter, but not a perfect game. Hopefully that makes sense if you're not a baseball fan.

Here is why it is so impressive what Hope Trautwein did for the North Texas softball team yesterday. She faced 21 batters and struck out all 21 batters from Arkansas Pine Bluff. That is insane! That's right, no pop ups, no diving catches to save an out from an outfielder. Hope taking out batters, one after the other. I've never even imagined seeing something like this going to a game.

It was the first perfect game in North Texas history, and is believed to be the first perfect seven-inning game in NCAA Division I history with every out being a strikeout. Only two other pitchers have had 21 strikeouts in a game, neither of those were perfect games. Alabama's Alexis Osorio had a 21-K game against Fordham in 2018, and California's Michele Granger did that against Creighton in 1991.

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Here is what I think is crazy, this is Hope Trautwein second game with 21 strikeouts this year. However, that was not a perfect game. She gave up five hits and two runs in that one back in February.

Impressive stuff, hey Hope, can my Baltimore Orioles sign you?

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