I don't know about you, but I could use a freaking break from everything going on right now.

Positive Vibes only from me today! Trying to scour the news for something to talk about and buried in it all, I found Uzziah Campbell. He's a 12-year-old kid who now lives in Dallas. When the pandemic started he was living in Washington state, Uzziah was wanting to find a way to help people relax during this crazy time.

So he started making candles. We all had a lot more free time on our hands a few months ago and Uzziah decided to spend his time wisely. He started the Calm & Cure Candle Company. Over the summer, Uzziah's family moved to Dallas and he has kept the candle company. "Man, I want to calm these people down and help them be happy during this horrible time’,” Uzziah said. “And I really feel like I’ve helped some people calm down and be happy during an unhappy time.”

He started making candles to help his mom Nakia, who was diagnosed with PTSD after working in federal law enforcement. He made candles to ease her mind. Now he’s trying to help others. 10% of the sales from the candles go to mental health organizations. Moving in with his grandparents in Dallas has sure helped the business.

“Ever since we’ve been here, Granddad is in here labeling candles, Grandma is cleaning the candles, and he has a cousin who helps us and we are just in here all day,” Nakia said. “There are so many other people wanting to support this young boy’s dream and mission, and I am going to be behind him 2,000 percent trying to make sure we are reaching the world one candle at a time.”

If you want to get a candle or get more on Uzziah's story, you can check out their website for more info. Glad to see people are out there still trying to spread a little positivity everyday.

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