This is what we’ve come to.

Since most Americans are unable to attend football games in person, a company called Babe Wine has introduced football-scented candles to recreate the smell of being in the stadium for games.

The Anheuser-Busch owned company announced the three new scents on Twitter just last week.

The company are currently offering three scents to help get you in the mood on game day. There’s Hashtag Field Goals, which smells kind of like turf. Or you can go with $18 Nachos to remind you of the regret you experience for dropping a ton of money on concessions while at games. And then there’s Jockstrap, which, as the name suggests, replicates the stench of a locker room (I’ve never met anyone who liked the smell of a locker room, but whatever).

Anyway, the candles are on sale now for $29 each on Babe Wine’s website. Or you can go all-in and drop $69 and get all three scents in one handy bundle.

So, will you be dropping some serious coin on candles that may or may not smell as advertised? If so, drop us a line on Facebook or in the comments section below.

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