As one of America’s most celebrated modern black metal bands, the release of Nachtmystium‘s latest album, ‘Silencing Machine,’ is intoxicating news for fans. ‘Silencing Machine’ is set to be released tomorrow (July 31), but you can hear an exclusive live stream of the entire album right now.

Nachtmystium rose to underground prominence with their last two albums, ‘Assassins: Black Meddle Part I’ and ‘Addicts: Black Meddle Part II,’ with an incredible amount of experimental creativity showcased in both releases. With ‘Silencing Machine,’ however, Nachtmystium have gone back to their roots as more of a traditional and atmospheric black metal band.

Frontman Blake Judd recently spoke with about where ‘Silencing Machine’ fits in respect to the band’s eclectic catalogue. “This record is more like a follow-up to ‘Instinct: Decay,’” describes Judd. “The ‘Black Meddle’ series that preceded this album were meant to be their own thing, and ‘Instinct: Decay’ and ‘Silencing Machine’ are bookends on it. There’s still some psychedelic vibes here and there, but overall it’s much more on par towards our older material.”

Judd also addressed the heavy drug theme present in ‘Addicts: Black Meddle Part II’ and if the theme would continue into ‘Silencing Machine.’ “This record is more about our personal lives,” says Judd. “The last album definitely focused on substance abuse because a few of us were dealing with problems with that, and a lot of people around us. We all work in bars so we all see people kind of falling apart because of drugs and alcohol abuse. That album covered all that because it’s very present in all our lives in some form or another. This record is kind of like a more traditional Nachtmystium record in the sense that it deals with topics that are interesting to me or things in my personal life. There’s not really a concept to the record though, each song has its own theme or vibe.”

Check out the full stream of Nachtmystium’s latest album, ‘Silencing Machine’ courtesy of Spin. To pre-order ‘Silencing Machine,’ click here.