Nope, nothing to see here - just the first new music from Broken Hope in fourteen years.

To say I was pleasantly pleased to hear that Broken Hope were getting back together a while back would be a major understatement. I always dug their unique, sickening brand of death metal. With blasting, technical brutality and some of the most guttural vocals these ears have ever been treated to, Broken Hope's impact on me was immediate. There was never a moment when I thought, 'Ah, they're okay', instead It was more like, 'That's f------ badass!'.

And not only is their music as brutal as the morning after a bottle of Cuervo, their lyrics are as sick as it gets. Here's what guitarist Jeremy Wagner had to say about 'The Docking Dead':

I began penning words for Broken Hope 25 years ago, and my approach has never changed... I still create the most horrific, insane, and repulsive lyrics my mind can conjure. ‘The Docking Dead’ is no exception to my long list of nasty flash-fiction. Many of my ideas start with a 'what if' scenario.

In the case of ‘The Docking Dead,’ I asked myself, what if a Re-Animator-like scientist attempted to harvest human foreskins from male corpses using an experimental re-agent and growth hormone--and in doing so, he started a zombie apocalypse? That's all I needed to write the lyrics to this song. Zombies, dead penile tissue, death metal, and grind are what's in store when you hear-and read-our newest preview song, ‘The Docking Dead'.

Sounds lovely, huh?

'The Docking Dead' comes from Omen of Disease, out October 1 on Century Media Records.

[via Metal Underground]