There's no way the guys in Intronaut do drugs. Of course I'm being a smartass because it's fun to be one but seriously, their videos and stage setup are tailored towards those who like to explore the nether reaches of their mind through modern chemistry so I assume the band's all about it.

All smartass-ity asside, Intronaut are an amazing band whom I had the pleasure of seeing open for Tool last year and they held their own on the big stage. I picked up their new CD at the time, Valley of Smoke shortly after the show, loved it, and nowadays I'm a full-on fan. And if 'Milk Leg' is any indication of what is to come when their new disc Habitual Levitations arrives, I'll be pleased as peach.

'Milk Leg' appears on Habitual Levitations due out March 19th, 2013 on Century Media Records.