Out of all the old-school thrash bands, Voivod was the one that always stood out to me in that their sound is so unique. Must be a Canadian metal thing because I don't think I've heard two heavy bands out of the Great White North that sound alike. Yeah, Voivod's a thrash band first and foremost but they've never been afraid to experiment and branch out into new, more progressive realms.

Their new album Target Earth sees the band going back to their roots a little bit but also revisiting their years with Jason Newsted and even the three-piece era with Eric Forrest. Drummer Michel 'Away' Langevin was kind enough to lend me a few moments to discuss the new disc, writing for the first time with guitarist Daniel 'Chewy' Mongrain, upcoming tour plans and a lot more.

Target Earth hits the streets and the interwebs January 22 on Century Media Records.

Michel 'Away' Langevin - Voivod Interview