It's Black Metal Friday so why not enjoy some tunes from the boys in corpsepaint as you reflect back on the madness.

  • 1

    'Battles in the North'


    Considering the fact that we're in North America and many battles will be fought on this day, it's only fitting that I lead off the playlist with this classic from my favorite Black Metal band.

  • 2

    'A Grand Declaration of War'


    You gotta draw your lines in the sand early and when it comes to Black Friday, show people you mean business with a preemptive attack.

  • 3

    'Witching Hour'


    I realize Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving night in a lot of places, but I like to listen to this tune and imagine all Hell breaking loose at midnight when they open the doors at some big box store.

  • 4



    You can bet your ass that blood will be spilled by dawn on Black Friday and since there's actually people who are willing to give it up to save a few bucks on a TV, let's crank some Marduk.

  • 5

    'I Wait in Hell'


    There is no more fitting song to describe the angst I would feel knowing that after 12 hours spent freezing my ass off in line, there is zero guarantee that I'll get the one thing I came for.

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