You could buy a small house in Texas for around the asking price for this entire ghost town.

Texas is Littered With Ghost Towns

With Texas being as huge as it is. It's not surprising the amount of areas that are completely abandoned or have very little inhabitants currently. However, at one point in time. These towns were a thriving part of Texas. Turns out, you can actually purchase one right now.

Lobo, Texas is for Sale

What Happened to Lobo, Texas?

Looks like the town's peak interest happened in the 1910's. The town had an aquifer that was able to pump fresh water from underground. Since this was the only place within a 100 mile radius to get freshwater. It became a stop along the road. They had a hotel, post office, and general store to attract folks to Lobo, Texas. Sadly in the 1980's, the aquifer dried up and everyone abandoned Lobo, Texas.

Where is Lobo, Texas?


As you can see, Lobo is east of El Paso, Texas. The people that currently own the town were hoping to see the town turn into a destination for movie festivals. They have put on these events over the past decade of owning it, but the resources to keep the town have just gotten too much for them. So they're trying to move on, but give it to someone who actually wants to use the town and not just have someone buy it to give their cattle some new grazing space.

The reason this town is popping up again for sale is because they had an event for Memorial Day Weekend for interested buyers. If you want to start your life in a ghost town, more info is here. The current owners are hoping to have someone new takeover by the end of June. We will see if the town of Lobo changes hands in the next few weeks.

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