Ever wanted to be in a real Barbie Dream House? Here you go.

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I have to give it up to the Barbie toy company. That doll has been around for decades and girls still buy them to this day. It seems like on the boy side of things action figures come and go throughout the years. Barbie though, ain't going anywhere. Barbie has all her accessories as well.


The house, the vehicles, and all the clothes of course. What if you could actually play in a real one and I'm not talking about the plastic one that little girls had in their backyard. Welcome to the World of Barbie, coming to a cities across North America this summer. It will have the dreamhouse, Barbie’s camper van, fashion studio, TV studio, cafe, and finally an exhibit on the history of Barbie.


This is apparently starting in Toronto at the end of the month, but the attraction will be working its way through America over the summer. So far they have announced New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles. Looks like the World of Barbie website has a message feature. No way this thing is coming to Wichita Falls, but I think Dallas is a real possibility.


I would say if you have a kid obsessed with Barbie, this would make a very cool summer road trip for them. You can check out some photos of what this will look like on the website as well. Speaking on behalf of the boy population, can I get a traveling TMNT Partywagon and also Sewer Den to explore? Please and thank you.

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