Barbie mania is going strong right now and turns out one of the rarest Barbies had Dallas roots.

NBA Barbie Was a Thing?

Back in the late 90's, the NBA and Barbie teamed up to make a one time Barbie collection. Barbie would wear the uniforms for all the NBA teams. In my opinion, the 90's had the best NBA logos so this is actually pretty cool. However one team is harder to find than the others...for some reason.

Rare Dallas Mavericks Barbie?

So this story is going viral from ESPN today about a mother trying to track down this elusive Barbie to finish her collection. I decided to see what these things were going for on EBAY. Average price is around $60 per Barbie. However, many Barbie collectors cannot complete their collection because this Dallas one is so hard to find. Wade Lewis a collector said, "I've got all of 'em, except for one. You know which one. Dallas Mavericks Barbie. That thing is a true needle in a haystack."

Guinness World Record Holder for Barbie Doesn't Even Have the Maverick One

ESPN reached out to Bettina Dorfman who owns over 18,000 Barbie dolls and holds the Guinness World Record for a Barbie collection. Guess what? Bettina doesn't even have the Dallas Mavericks Barbie. So why is this one so rare?

One Theory: The Mavericks Were Not Good

Dirk Nowitzui #14
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According to Mattel, they probably didn't produce as many Barbies as the other teams because the Mavericks at this time were not good. Granted Dirk Nowitzki was just starting his career at this time, but no one would have predicted the superstar he would turn into. The Mavericks would finish 19-31 when these Barbies were coming out, so Mattel was maybe thinking no one would buy a Mavericks Barbie.

Second Theory: Championship

Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat - Game Six
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No way to confirm this, but collectors believe after the Mavericks won in 2011. Any Maverick Barbies were bought up in the Mavericks hype.

Third Theory: Top Gun Maverick

When searching for Maverick Barbie, a lot of searches think you want this Top Gun Maverick Barbie seen above. Yes, even the new Top Gun movie had their own Barbie.

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If you have one of these Barbies, I would highly recommend you sell it. Some collectors would pay some PRETTY pennies for one of these. I encourage you to read the full ESPN article. The family was finally able to find one in Arlington, home to the Dallas Cowboys. Of course a Dallas Cowboys Barbie also exists.

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