Someone really didn't want their picture taken.

Sometimes some quality content just falls into your lap. I give you Anthony Ross of Ohio, who has been living for the past month in Wichita Falls with his mom. Ross was recently arrested and charged with the following crimes. Aggravated Assault Family Violence With a Deadly Weapon, Obstruction or Retaliation, and Criminal Mischief. These crimes allegedly happened back on November 4th.

Police were called out to to the 700 block of South Wagonner about a possible fight. Police met the caller and could hear people arguing from outside of this house. Police found a man on the ground inside with a pool of blood around him. The victim said his brother assaulted him and that he had a pistol on him. Police would find Anthony Ross in the kitchen drinking a beer.

Officers took Ross into custody and could see blood on his clothes and hands. According to the arrest warrant, Ross was belligerent and refused to speak with officers. His mother was hiding in a closet in the home, she says she lives in fear of her son since he has been staying there the past month.

She said before officers arrived, she went into the kitchen and saw Ross and the victim. She said Ross had a pistol and was yelling at the victim. She said Ross pointed the pistol at her and began yelling at her to kneel next to the victim. She said the victim yelled for her to go hide so she ran, hiding in a bedroom closet until the officers found her.

Ross allegedly was trying to fire the pistol, but could not get it to work. A later inspection would determine the safety was on. While Ross was in police custody, he threatened the officers and their family members. He would also kick out the back window of a police cruiser leading to him getting tased by the officers.

While getting booked into the Wichita County Jail we get this lovely mugshot seen above. Which I don't think will be topped for a long time.

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