When you take into account things like road rage, speed limits, road quality, and weather, how safe is it to drive in Texas?

To start off this breakdown, the website Your Mechanic looked at the skill of drivers in each state, assigning values to things like the number of drunk drivers, drunk driving fatalities, and high speed fatalities. Texas ultimately ranked 5th among the most least-skilled drivers.

Texas did not make the top 10 list for car thefts, but came in 4th for most aggressive drivers, with an average frequency of one aggressive driving event ever 8.3 minutes. Not surprisingly, Texas topped the list for speed limits, but avoided another top 10 finish for worst roads and most congested (which probably surprised everyone who has driven through Dallas).

By the end of it, Texas' showings in a few top 10 lists was enough to solidify a spot as the 6th most dangerous state to drive in:


How safe do you feel driving through Texas? Let us know in the comments below!

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