Call me lame, but I have no interest in doing daredevil stuff.

And out of all the daredevil things people engage in, I especially avoid anything that involves heights. I prefer for my feet to be firmly placed on the ground.

I kid you not, heights weird me out so bad that my head starts to swim the moment I step out onto the roof of the five-story building I work in. And it gets worse the closer I get to the edge.

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So, you’re not going to catch me climbing any sort of cell or radio tower – no matter the height.

Of course, there are those who do that sort of thing for a living. Someone has to maintain those things, right?

But as someone who works in the radio industry, I can tell you that those people are few and far in between. We usually have to wait months for a tower crew if we need some sort of maintenance done at any of our transmitter sites.

So, when I first saw the video on Twitter of a man climbing a tower in Dallas, I just figured it was a member of a tower crew doing his thing. But that’s apparently not the case.

Because as people who were commenting on the video pointed out, he doesn’t appear to be wearing any sort of safety gear.

This leads me to assume that he was merely out for some Monday morning thrill-seeking. The video isn’t embeddable, so take a look at it here.

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