With temperatures rising, we're counting down the days until we can just eat ice cream and lounge around all day. At least we can live vicariously in the moment of F---ed Up's new video for 'Sun Glass.'

Hardly following a storyline, the first half of the video -- which you can watch above -- features skateboarding through a cemetery, licking ice-cream cones and chilling on doorsteps. All the while, frontman Damian Abraham sits in the middle of a living room, singing and screaming the lyrics as a form of narration.

The second half of the video switches gears, and shifts to concert footage of the Toronto punk band, which ends with plenty of sweaty hugs for fans.

F---ed Up's new album, 'Glass Boys,' comes out on June 3. Here's another new song, 'Led by Hand,' which features Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis helping out:

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